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Work permits

Assistance with obtaining a work permit to work in Canada, including temporary foreign workers, intra-company transfers, and international students.

Family sponsorship

Assistance with sponsoring family members to come to Canada, including spouses, children, parents, and grandparents.

Express Entry

Assistance with the Express Entry system for skilled workers, including creating a profile, submitting an application, and preparing for the selection process.

Federal skilled trades program

Assistance with the Federal Skilled Trades Program, including submitting an application and preparing for the selection process

Provincial Nominee Programs

Assistance with obtaining a nomination from a Canadian province or territory to apply for permanent residency.

Study permits

Assistance with obtaining a study permit to study in Canada, including college and university programs, language schools, and vocational training.

Refugee claims

Assistance with the process of seeking refugee status in Canada due to persecution or fear of persecution in their home country.

Business immigration

Assistance with obtaining a business visa, investor visa, or entrepreneur visa to start a business or invest in Canada.


Mission statement

“Facilitate the process for individuals and families to immigrate and settle comfortably in their new homeland, helping them realize their dreams and aspirations.”

— Rounak F. Koukia


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  • Personal Message from Rounak F. Koukia

    Welcome to the Golden Globe Inc., Immigration and Settlement Services website.
    Leaving your homeland to come to a new country can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time: there are new possibilities but also fears of the unknown.

    I understand all of these mixed emotions because I have gone through this process myself; that’s why I started Golden Globe Inc.—to help individuals and families make the transition to their new home by providing them with the expertise and emotional support they need.

    It’s about being there with you every step of the way.

    So, if you are looking to move to a new country, take a moment to complete this short questionnaire. It requires about 10 minutes of your time and will help us better understand your circumstances and how we can help you uncover golden opportunities in your new land.


    Rounak F. Koukia
    Founder & President

  • Why Golden Globe Inc.?

    Because Golden Globe Inc. is much more than just a consultancy firm interested in helping you fill out the right paperwork; that’s only the beginning of what Ms. Koukia and her team of specialists do well.

    Instead, their focus is on you; doing everything they can to help you immigrate and settle quickly and proficiently in your new country, move forward positively in your new life and realize all of the golden opportunities your new homeland has to offer.

  • That’s what sets Golden Globe Inc. apart?

    In fact, here are five key reasons you will want Ms. Koukia and her team of specialists on your side when looking to immigrate to your new homeland:

    1. Free, introductory appraisal that provides a straightforward and honest snapshot of your current situation and whether you qualify for immigration—saving you time and money
    2. Expertise in every aspect of the immigration process (having handled thousands of cases through the years), ensuring your paperwork is submitted correctly and in a timely fashion
    3. Hands-on, personalized, step-by-step approach, outlining the specific actions you will need to take in order to complete the immigration process
    4. Trusted relationships with top immigration lawyers and government officials so as to stay current on immigration rules and regulations, and to make certain your immigration application has the greatest possibility of approval
    5. Key partnerships with real estate agents and other professionals, thus giving you resources that will help you facilitate the process of settling into your new home

    Bottom line: Accountability, fairness, honesty, integrity, respect, these are the values espoused by Ms. Koukia and her team and what you can expect from them. It’s their commitment to you from the initial appraisal right through to final settlement.


Reliable and responsible consultant


"Rounak is reliable, responsible and perfect consultant, someone you can trust and is always there for you when you need the most! Rounak helped me at every stage of my immigration process, can't recommend her enough for her exceptional services and constant guidance and support"

– Ali Zamanpour
Best and Most Trusted Immigration Consultant!


"Based on my experience, Rounak is the best and most trusted immigrations consultant in Canada. I’d absolutely recommend here for any immigration case"

– Golnaz Majdzadeh
Professional at each step along the way


Around two-years ago, my fiancé wanted to sponsor me to stay in Canada, so we looked for a good immigration consulting firm that could help us. We heard about Golden Globe Inc. through a good friend, who recommended them because of their extensive experience in dealing with Canadian immigration. We decided to meet with Rounak, the owner of the firm. After telling her about our situation, she said she would take care of the case and for us not to worry, that all would work out. Rounak was very professional, helping us every step of the way until I received my permanent resident visa. Thank you Rounak! You're the best!

– Reza H. Sanat
Transforming Immigration Process to a Smooth Settlement


"Rounak has not only been an immigration attorney to me and my family but best possible life advisor and coach to help us settle down. She has changed our terrifying immigration process to a smooth settlement. Thank you!"

– Sohail A

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