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Criminal Law/Criminal Justice & Correction → Bond University 2020 – 2022
Paralegal Diploma (Honors Diploma) → CDI College 2016 – 2017
 Immigration Consultancy (Honors Diploma) → Humber College 2007- 2008
Bachelor of Psychology (Arts) → York University 2002 – 2006
Law Clerk Diploma (Honors Diploma) → CDI College 2000 – 2001
Legal Administration Diploma (Honors Diploma) → CDI College 1999 – 2000
Strategic Leadership and Management → Schulich School of Business

Welcome to Golden Globe Family

Hello, I’m Rounak Koukia, founder and president of the Golden Globe Inc. We are a regulated Canadian immigration consultancy firm our goal is to Facilitate the process for individuals and families to immigrate and settle comfortably in their new homeland, helping them realize their dreams and aspirations.

Leaving your homeland to come to a new country can be both exciting and intimidating at the same time; you have a fresh start in a new country that offers you new possibilities, yet you also have to deal with the fear of the unknown while leaving behind family, friends, your culture, and a lifestyle in which you were raised and feel more naturally comfortable.

I understand all of these mixed emotions and feelings because I have gone through this process myself.

And since I understand what’s involved in emigrating to a new land, I started Golden Globe Inc. with the desire to offer individuals and families, who are looking to leave their homeland to come to a new country such as Canada, the type of support that ensures they not only complete all of the paperwork correctly—the formalities, if you wish—but also, and, more importantly, receive the emotional support, contacts and information necessary to help them get settled properly and start their new life.

It’s about being there every step of the way as you settle into your new home.

So, if you are looking to move to a new country, take a moment to complete this short questionnaire. It requires about 10 minutes of your time and will help us better understand your circumstances and how we can help you uncover golden opportunities in your new land.


  • Fluent Proficiency in English, Farsi, Azari   
  • Moderate Proficiency in Turkish, French


I have than 25 years of immigration experience myself, and my team of immigration specialists have helped thousands of individuals and families through the years immigrate successfully to Canada and the United States.

Not only we are immigration professionals, We also all immigrants ourselves, we do understand the complexities, intricacies and anxieties of immigrating to a new country; that’s why our expertise, gained through years of experience, enables us to make the immigration and settlement process as easy and stress-free as possible for their clients. 


  •   Skilled Worker  
  •    Business Immigration  
  •    PNP Immigration  
  •    LMIA  
  •    NAFTA & Intercompany Transfers  
  •    Citizenship and PR Renewals  
  •    Family Class  
  •    Appeals  
  •    Residency Obligation Hearings  
  •    Refugee Hearings  
  •    Temporary Residence Application (Work, Visit and Study)  
  •    TRP Applications